Parameter Value Comments
Maximum stacking depth 55 mm Approximately. The precise number will depend on your placement of the two micro-switches.
Maximum speed[1] 2.5 mm/s The maximum speed is limited by Arduino clock speed, not by motor torque
Time to rewind from one end to the other[1] 25s Moving at the maximum speed
Breaking distance[1] 1 mm When travelling at the maximum speed
Time to speed up or break 0.8s Time to get to the maximum speed and break when moving at the maximum speed and acceleration
Smallest step 1.25 μm One microstep
Backlash 200 μm Loss of accuracy when switching the direction of the motion; not cumulative. Starting from software version 0.10 the backlash is fully compensated
Minimum distance between frames[1] 1.25 μm Corresponds to one microstep of the stepper motor
Maximum distance between frames[1] 2500 μm Can be set to higher in software if needed
Minimum framerate[1] 0.01 fps Can be set to much lower in software if desired
Maximum framerate[1] 4 fps Can be set to much higher in software if your camera and flash can handle it
Minimum number of shots[1] 2 In 1-point stacking
Maximum number of shots[1] 9999 In both 1 and 2 point stacking
Maximum number of stacks[1] 999 In timelapse mode
Maximum interval between stacks[1] 9999 s In timelapse mode
Maximum total timelapse length 50 days This is the limit of the Arduino's millisecond accuracy timer, millis()
Number of memory registers 5 Each register can store the whole current state of the rail
Minimum input voltage 9V Depends on the mass of your camera/lens; at lower voltage the stepper motor will start skipping steps
Maximum input voltage 12V As recommended by Arduino. Higher voltage will also overheat the stepper motor driver.
Maximum load >1.0 kg Maximum weight which can be moved by the rail without skipping the steps, at any angle (including moving the camera up vertically). I haven't tested >1 kg cases.
Weight, total 1.36 kg Including Velbon Mag Slider rail with the sideways motion module and 8 AA Eneloop batteries
Weight, motor unit 894 g Including Velbon Mag Slider with the sideways motion module; just the motor unit weighs 424 g
Weight, controller unit 176 g
Weight, battery unit 286 g Including 8 AA Eneloop batteries (batteries weigh 210 g)
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 Can be adjusted in the software