up loading code

hi pulsar , this is sudhakar architect , electronic hobist , i have gone through your project it is great , as i am new to coding and scripting , plz guide me how to load all these file into nodemcu v1.0 ,do i have to load all these files into nodemcu or any specific file .
as i want to automate my home , plz do guide me how to start and end through block diagram if possible
my concept:
i have nodemcu 1.0 , 4ch relays ckt board , old window pc win 8.1 with openhab2.1
i wanted to have both control ( wall switch and openhab switch ) , i have enquired so many people in internet but none responded , plz do respond
thank you
my mail id sudhakardotsmsatgmaildotcom
waiting for your reply