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up loading code

hi pulsar , this is sudhakar architect , electronic hobist , i have gone through your project it is great , as i am new to coding and scripting , plz guide me how to load all these file into nodemcu v1.0 ,do i have to load all these files into nodemcu or any specific file .
as i want to automate my home , plz do guide me how to start and end through block diagram if possible
my concept:
i have nodemcu 1.0 , 4ch relays ckt board , old window pc win 8.1 with openhab2.1
i wanted to have both control ( wall switch and openhab switch ) , i have enquired so many people in internet but none responded , plz do respond
thank you
my mail id sudhakardotsmsatgmaildotcom
waiting for your reply
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New version (s1.00) of my focus stacking rail software

Update [07.01.2016]: I am releasing a new version of my stacking software, which is ambitiously named "s1.00". It is designed to only work with the newest hardware version, h1.2. This new software and hardware should make the rail much more universal: it now independently operates both camera's shutter and autofocus, so in principle should work as is (or perhaps with slight parameter adjustment in stacker.h) with any camera which has a wired remote shutter connector. The modifications will also likely result in faster maximum shooting speeds attained with your camera: e.g. my Canon 50D can now reliably do at least 30 frames at 4 fps (RAW format), without any perceptible delays at the beginning.
My wiki tutorial has been updated to reflect all the changes:
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